Maltings Place


London City Group

What we did

Strategy, Branding, Interior Design

From a workplace to: a space to connect, collaborate and socialise

For Maltings Place, we designed a strategy, identity and interior for a hybrid, human and hospitality-led workspace in the heart of Bermondsey.

The identity for Maltings Place began as a set of shapes inspired by the site's distinct architectural features.

3D Model of interior design for Maltings Place office spaces in London, featuring modern furniture and plants
Brand identity graphics for office spaces in London featuring a minimal and modern geometric line logo inspired by architecture

The logo is adaptable with its overlapping shapes beneath the arch connector, establishing a flexible system for expression across the brand’s needs.

3D model of a modern meeting room in an office space in London, featuring nature, biophilic inspired colour palettes and textures

We designed two different office schemes to suit the new membership model. The first is a flexible, multi-use office full of personality, a subtle colour scheme and delicate detailing.

Branded takeaway coffee cup packaging design for Maltings Place office spaces in London Southwark, featuring unique brand graphics, designed by 3Stories Interior Design and branding creative agency

The second was a permanent office, with timber cladding and warm finishes to create an inviting workspace guests could adopt as their own.

We also designed multiple meeting room schemes to suit various needs: from a hospitality-inspired boardroom to softer, more private spaces for focused working.

3D model of office space lounging area in London
Floor wayfinding in office spaces featuring a modern application of brand identity