Abdelrahman Fathalla

What we did

Interior Design

From coffee cup to café concept

Inspired by the artistry of coffee-making and the rich layers found within a perfect cup, we crafted a multisensory design for Guillam’s new Mayfair site and an experience that celebrates both the softness and science behind exceptional coffee.

Our vision was to create a space that expands the sensory pleasures of coffee beyond the cup, into the materials and details of the design. Every surface within Guillam tells a story of nuanced flavour, from stainless steel and reflective finishes to warm, textured details.

A feature counter takes centre stage, crafted to emulate the rich, layered traces left in a cup of coffee. Constructed with a rammed earth effect, the counter adds texture and depth to the design whilst serving to encourage customers into the heart of the coffee-making experience.

Coffee silos crafted in a high gloss finish showcase Guillam’s commitment to the finest products from around the globe. These silos not only serve as functional storage but also double as eye-catching displays, enticing customers to explore the diverse flavours and origins available.

Given the compact dimensions of the site, our design approach was driven by the need to optimise the space while ensuring a seamless flow for the customer. Embracing the challenge, we developed an organic and fluid design that seamlessly integrates form and function.

Fusing artistry and innovation, each detail at Guillam is meticulously crafted to offer guests a truly unique space to experience coffee in the heart of Mayfair.